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The 3rd Global Conference on Social Sciences _ GSSCONF _ follows a rigorous review process to ensure the quality and originality of the research presented. All submitted abstracts or full-text papers undergo a comprehensive evaluation by the Scientific Committee.

Initial Plagiarism Check

Upon submission, all articles are subject to a plagiarism check using Crossref Similarity Check Powered by iThenticate. This check is performed to maintain the conference's strict anti-plagiarism policies. If any submission is found to be plagiarized, it will be automatically rejected.

Double-Blind Review

Our conference employs a double-blind review process, which guarantees impartiality and confidentiality throughout the review procedure. This means that the identities of both the reviewers and the authors are concealed from each other.

Manuscript Formatting

Authors are required to adhere to the formatting guidelines set by the Conference Committee. It is crucial to prepare manuscripts in a way that does not disclose the authors' identities, as maintaining anonymity is essential for the double-blind review process.

Review by the Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee comprises experts and researchers in the field of education and teaching. They evaluate each submission based on its originality, significance, methodology, clarity, and overall quality. The review process is thorough and aims to provide constructive feedback to authors.

Notification of Acceptance

Once the review process is complete, the Scientific Committee notifies the authors of the final decision regarding their submission. If accepted, authors will be informed about any revisions required and the deadline for submitting the final version of their paper.


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Publication Opportunities

Accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings, subject to the author’s registration and payment. Furthermore, selected high-quality papers will have the opportunity to be considered for publication in affiliated journals or special issues dedicated to the conference.

We value the contributions of all researchers and strive to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity throughout the review process. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the conference organizing committee.

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